How to improve the energy efficiency of your home

How to improve energy efficiency

Energy efficiency is a term that is based on the need to reduce the energy consumption of the home with the consequent economic and environmental benefits. Nowadays we all know the term "energy efficiency certificate of a home", mandatory since 2013, a receipt required by the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism for all homes that are going to be rented or bought by another person. Let's see how to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

Energy efficiency improvements

Many of the improvements to achieve this are in our hands and with this we can save more than 40% in energy used. But how to improve the energy efficiency of our house? We offer you a series of tips to achieve this:

  • Improve insulation systems

The purpose is to reduce the loss of heat in winter and cold in summer for which it is important to check the floors, ceilings, walls and windows with which you will achieve significant savings of energy and money.

  • Check the electrical installation

If we detect that a plug or socket does not make good contact or any error that we see in the electrical installations, we must call a technician. It is a way to reduce unnecessary expenses.

  • Replace old appliances with new ones

Replace your appliances with new ones that are low energy consumption and have the labels A+, A++ or A+++.

  • Maintenance of heating and air conditioning

Install a thermostat to achieve a warm environment without excessive consumption.

  • Optimize lighting

Make maximum use of natural light and when not possible install energy-saving light bulbs along with LED and compact fluorescent lamps in your home.

  • Reduce water consumption

They are measures that are not alien to our lives because water is often a scarce commodity. Installing single-lever faucets and not having them open, completing the maximum capacity of the washing machine or dishwasher and replacing the old toilet cisterns with modern ones with double flushing, are some of the things we can do to reduce water consumption in our house. 

These tips will mean an improvement in the energy efficiency of your home as well as a reduction in the next bills of your services.

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