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Do you want to sell your property?

With the service that we offer you at Arregui Villas, you can be assured of the management and that the entire sale process will be carried out with the best guarantees.

We will make the valuation of the home, one of our experts will visit it and with the background and experience we have, we will be able to advise you on what interests you the most. We will determine a price that allows visits to the property and we will be able to reach the final sale objective. In the visits Arregui Villas guarantees that you will be in all the visits and procedures related to your home. We want to advise on the advantages and possibilities of the home in order to convey its potential to the future client. In managing the procedures and certifications, our team will be in charge of completing the legal file to have all the legal information. Arregui Villas will be the only communication channel with the market, in charge of advertising and marketing with quality graphic material made by our professionals specialized in home photography. We guarantee you the total confidence that our team of professionals will be in each management of the sale process and until the signing and new adjudication of the property.

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