Documentation and procedures for the sale of a home

Both from a legal and economic point of view, we must ensure that all the procedures are carried out correctly. We detail what documentation you will need and all the procedures for the sale of a home. There are several particularities that can vary the process of sale depending on whether it is a new property, second hand, rustic, parking, etc. But, in general, the most important steps to follow and necessary documents are the ones we put below.

Simple Note

It is essential to request an updated Nota Simple in the Land Registry to ensure that the property has no charges or there is any outstanding debt .

Certificate of Occupancy or First Occupation License

A mandatory document that certifies that the property meets the minimum conditions necessary to accommodate people. Without this document, electricity, water, etc. supplies will not be able to register.

End of Work Certificate

With this document it is certified that the construction of the property has been done according to the plans approved by the City Council of the corresponding municipality.

Document of No Urban Infringement

It is a certificate that verifies that in the town hall there is no open file for any type of infraction.

Certificate of debt free

The seller of the property can request certificates from the Treasury, the town hall itself and the community of owners that demonstrate the absence of outstanding debts.

Energy Performance Certificate

The energy rating of a home has been mandatory since 2013. A technician must be hired to carry out its expedition before the sale of the house occurs.

The necessary documentation is essential and if done correctly or not, it can lead to various legal responsibilities. You can count on us to make sure the whole process is done professionally. We are waiting for you!

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